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Terry has been photographing wildlife and nature since 2006.  He first became interested in photography at an early age while growing up in North Carolina.  Starting in black and white photography, Terry spent a couple years learning the trade, but he soon quit taking pictures.  In spite of this his love of nature never waned.  After graduation from High School, Terry joined the military and worked as a photographic maintenance technician, but never worked as a photographer.

After retiring from the military, Terry purchased his first digital SLR camera kit.  After taking his first images of wildlife, he was hooked, and has not looked back since.  Located in central Maryland, there is an abundant amount of wildlife and natural scenery to photograph.  Although photography is just more of a hobby, it is easy to see that Terry has come a long way and has some really quality images.  By creating this website, he hopes to share with you, the many spectacular views and the amazing wildlife that he encounters.